Veggie Dumplings

  • Yield: 14
  • Serving: 7
  • Prep time: 15 m
  • Cook time: 25 m
  • Ready in: 40 m
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If you love cooked dumplings, then you will enjoy this recipe. Dumplings are one of my favorite entrée, love it cooked or fried, but once in a while, I crave a change in texture and flavor, so I upgrade my dumplings to Veggie Dumplings. To spice up my dumpling recipe, I make the dough with coconut milk to give the dumpling a little nutty sweetish flavor, then stuffed it with some vegetables. If you need your dumplings soft, then knead with cold water, need it a little tight, then knead with warm water.

If you are trying to eat healthy or add some veggie to your diet, then this is a cool and fun way to do it. For this recipe, you will need one tin of coconut milk, a bag of mixed veggie, and wheat flour, then you are ready to go. It’s not hard, it’s a 1.2.3 and you done.

Below is an image of the finish product.



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Step by step method

  • Making The Dough

    Step 1. When kneading the flour, make sure to substitute coconut milk instead of using water. On a lightly floured surface, knead the dough well, for about five to eight minutes until done.

  • Making The Dumplings

    Step 2. After dough is ready, grab the rolling pin to make each individual dumplings. Each should be about a hand fist size or similar to the image above.

  • Adding The Mixed Veggie

    Step 3. Add a small portion of mixed Veggie to each dumpling, then roll like you would a normal dumpling.

  • Adding The Mixed Veggie

    Step 4 continue. From the image above, this is how the veggie should look during the process of making the dumplings.

  • Time To cook

    Step 4. Now the dumpling looks normal, but on the inside, it is stuffed with nutritious mixed vegetables. Now, cook the dumplings like you would normally done.

Tips & variations

  • You can make your dumplings with regular white flour or add corn meal flour to your flour mix, whichever goes well with your taste buds needs.

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