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Peck Peck Chicken Review

Peck Peck Chicken is a well known Korean restaurant in Teaneck, NJ, chicken wings so good, you might have to wait 4 hours for your wings, so call ahead. To be honest, I don’t remember the first time I was told about this restaurant, but I do remember reading a few online reviews about a year ago and one review that strikes my interest was from a guy who said he drove 75 miles to buy some Peck Peck chicken wings and the drive worth it.

The Order Process
The first thing you will notice is that you have to wait for these chicken wings, they don’t cook these wings and have them waiting for customers, the restaurant make to order, meaning you place your order and they make it for you, so expect to wait. Wait time can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours on a normal day, and on the weekend, don’t be surprise if you are ask to wait 4 hours, yes 4 hours for five pieces of chicken wings. Some weekend, where there is a big game or holiday, you might want to call in your order the day before.

The Service 
The service is excellent, they are very polite there, and customer service seems genuine; no fake smiles or personalities just to get your business. This restaurant can act like your local DMV (motor vehicle service) and still do good business. The employees shows interest and make an effort to remember Names.

Food Presentation
Well, you are not at a five stars  restaurant, however the presentation is good for a mom and pop restaurant. When eating in, from first impression, its a mouth-watering visual experience. The chicken wings and fries are very eye appealing and you will start salivating before your first bite. When ordering to-go, while the food still looks eye appealing, the packaging is without any signs of what’s to come. In other words, the food is presented  in a white plain lunch box, so don’t look for a pretty fancy box with images representing whats inside.

Peck Peck Korean Fried Chicken

Chicken flavor
There are three main chicken flavors we sample, Soy Garlic, Salt & pepper, and Sweet & Spicy. If you are ordering for kids, go for soy garlic, or maybe salt & pepper, but for adults, go for sweet & spicy. I always go for the spicy, and I think majority of customers order spicy. The fries are wedge type fries, they complete the meal, so order a small or large fries with your wings.

Food Texture & Taste
Your first experience taking your first bite will lodge to memory, you won’t forget the burst of flavor that hits your taste buds, the crunching sound on the outside of the wings, the soft inner flavor of the meat, and if you the type to bite through the bone, you will experience a secondary flavor of seasoning and spice inside the bone. Now, this the money shot, or why you would travel the distant to buy some of these Korean wings. After each wing, you will notice an after flavor that lingers on your taste buds, in other words, when you are done, you can still taste and feel the experience  of Peck Peck signature wings.

Seating and accommodation
While there are some seats and table available, I wouldn’t plan on dinning in. Most often the seats are occupied  by customers waiting for their take-out order. If you are visiting by yourself, there maybe availability for seating, but I would plan on taking out. When ordering, you might want to order ahead of time and not order when you get there, you could end up waiting for two hours.

Overall Experience
With 10 been the best, I would have to give my overall experience a 8 out of 10. Why 8 and not 10? Well, I took two points for accommodation. Peck Peck is not a place where you can bring a large family or small group for eat-in. For such success and popularity, I would think Peck Peck would move to a larger restaurant by now.

For a final word, The Best Wing Spot in Every State, Peck Peck made the list for the best Wings in NJ. If you know or experience better or equal mouth-watering wings in New Jersey, comment and let me know so I can give that restaurant a try.

Peck Peck Chicken Address and hours:  250 Degraw Ave, Teaneck, NJ 07666 / Open Tuesdays to Sundays 11AM to 9PM.

Price and Menu Detail
Local Korean Chicken Menue

What’s your alternative if you live out of the country or in other state? Well, the only alternative is to find a local Korean restaurant or simply try making it yourself.

Below is a video recipe, give it a try and let me know if it was a success.

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