Some wife can't cook

Not Everyone Cut Out be a Chef

Not everyone cut out be a chef, but everyone can cook in their own way, or learn how to cook. Think about it for a second, if you couldn’t cook, then you wouldn’t be here reading this unless someone doing the cooking for you. Now that I have you thinking, when the last time you try your hands at a meal that is above your pay grade, when it comes to cooking?  I’m not talking about steaming rice or frying eggs here, I’m talking real authentic cultural dish. How was it? was it mouth-watering or you had to throw it out? If you had to discard your last attempt at a fancy recipe, I feel your pain, been there done that. If you should have an issue with a recipe or can’t get a dish right, let us know, one of our expert chef may have a solution for your creative cooking problems. Like the saying goes, we will put our foot in it and bring your recipe to life.

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