Korean Friend Chicken

Peck Peck Chicken Review

Peck Peck Chicken is a well known Korean restaurant in Teaneck, NJ, chicken wings so good, you might have to wait 4 hours for your wings, so call ahead. To be honest, I don’t remember the first time I was told about this restaurant, but I do remember reading a few online reviews about a year

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Manhood & Moringa Herbal Tea

Manhood & Moringa Cocktail Tea

Tea is quiet and our thirst for tea is never far from our craving for beauty, power, and strength. The herbal tea is known for thousands of years to be consumed for medicinal reasons. China is deemed to be the country of origin. The first historical records appear in the earliest Chinese Pharmacopoeia, which is

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Jamaican Juice seller

Can you sell like a Jamaican street vendor?

No one can sell better than a Jamaican street vendor. From the video below, an unknown Jamaican street vendor sells a collection of herbal organic juices, what brought this video to our attention is the way he does it. The street vendor not only sells juice, he entertains while doing it. He is very lyrical and his

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CarribRecipe Authentic food

Welcome to CaribRecipes

Your First Wealth is Your Health CaribRecipes new website is finally here and we are ready to showcase all those recipes our fans been asking for many moons now. We originally started  out on Facebook back in 2008 simply to share images of mouth-watering food and creative recipes with families and friends. Our Facebook fan

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Calling All Chef

If you’re an official or professional chef, then CaribRecipes need you. If you are not an official or professional, but love to cook and know your way around the kitchen, we still need you. CaribRecipes is the kind of community, where you can learn to cook the food you love the right way, you will

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Some wife can't cook

Not Everyone Cut Out be a Chef

Not everyone cut out be a chef, but everyone can cook in their own way, or learn how to cook. Think about it for a second, if you couldn’t cook, then you wouldn’t be here reading this unless someone doing the cooking for you. Now that I have you thinking, when the last time you

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