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With a growing Facebook fan page and 100s of messages to our inbox asking for recipes, we had no choice, but to create our very own website where we can go beyond just sharing our favorite recipe, food pictures on Facebook. Now, we are able to grow our community, while providing a platform where everyone can contribute and share their favorite dish.

So why create a recipe and food blog website when there are many other recipe website available? The short answer to that is that to create or inspired others to create recipes you will not find anywhere online, but here; I need creative control, so we can be creative and expand food creativity.

I started CaribRecipes  Facebook fan-page back in 2008 with the ideas to simply share recipes, recipe ideas, and images of food. With a growing fan base and an increasing demand from our fans to share recipes we don’t have, I decided to create CaribRecipes.com, so our food and hungry belly fans will have a place to share and find cool recipes.

Not only will we create and share some of the best recipes you will find online, we will also visit restaurants and review their food, then share with you all about our experience. We will also review some of the coolest kitchen gadgets and products, that will make tedious task simple and fast in the kitchen.

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